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Peter Molloy and Jane O'Donoghue

    My great-grandfather Patrick Molloy born in Tullamore, Kings County c. 1841-1845.

    Patrick Molloy arrived in New Zealand in 1870 on the Siberia. He was listed as a labourer on shipping records.

    He married Mary O'Halloran at James Molloy's place, Twelve Mile, The Grey, New Zealand, 10 July 1872. He was listed as shopkeeper on marriage certificate.

    Patrick and Mary had seven children:
    Peter, Jane, Richard, Ellen (Nell), Daniel O'Connell, Patrick, James.

    Patrick Molloy died on 3 April 1925, listed as age 83, born Tullamore, Ireland. His occupation was builder. Patrick's death certificate lists Peter Molloy (Farmer) and Jane O'Donoghue as his parents.

    Patrick had a brother James Molloy died 18 July, 1915, who married Mary Elizabeth Noonan, and they had four daughters. James Molloy's death certificate also records Peter Molloy and Jane O'Donoghue.

    It was said Patrick Molloy had been employed at Buckingham Palace prior to emigrating. It is also believe that another of Peter Molloy and Jane O'Donoghue's children went to Melbourne.

    I am looking for information from descendants of Patrick Molloy and Mary O'Halloran, or James Molloy and Mary Elizabeth Noonan, who might have discovered further information about Peter Molloy and Jane O'Donoghue.

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