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    Welcome to - the Molloy Family History...well not quite!

    When people get on the Internet and they search for their Family Tree, they think it will already be neatly compiled for them on one simple HTML file!

    "Isn't Everything on the Internet?" you ask! NO it isn't, but there are some good leads and information, which you might be able to plug-in to your own research. aims to be a broad bulletin board to display research by various people who share the genealogy of the name: Molloy.

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    My Experience with the Molloy Name:

    When my brother started work many years ago, one of the Journalists who worked there, used to jostle him: "With a name like Molloy, you'd be in Mass in Every Sunday wouldn't you!" The connotation of Molloy is that of a notorious Irish name, especially Irish Catholic - although it is not always the case!

    If I had $1 each time, for the times someone has my telephoned "Could I speak to Mr Molly, please?", it would total many thousands of dollars.

    I have received letters addressed as follows: Malloy, Mulloy, Milloy, Melloy, Meloy, Miloy, Molly!

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Meaning and Origin of Molloy Name

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